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Re: More On The Closing Of 'Star Trek: The Experience'

Sorry. I've been a big fan of the "Experience", having been to it countless, countless times in the past ten years. I love that thing. And as a resident of Las Vegas access is pretty easy. But I have to say's time for the attraction to go.

I last went on it just a week ago. Before that, back in January and then in November. Here're some of my gripes:

On the Klingon shuttle ride a matrix of gold grid lines could be easily seen reflecting on the screen. Panels, perhaps. But horribly distracting. And the film footage was so blurry it was almost unwatchable. And when the shuttle returns home all of those old-and-gone Vegas icons (e.g. Sigfried and Roy) make the thing look dated.

It wasn't always like that.

On the Borg Encounter ride the friggin' 3-d was gone!! Huh?? When did this happen?? Now, instead of the whole "glasses" thing, which made the ride abit more enjoyable, they play the same film footage on a giant screen like a movie. It's very odd when it's clear that they're trying to do the "3d" thing (Borg drones spending a few moments waving prongee-things out at the audience) with no 3d.

It wasn't always like that.

There were maybe ten people in line for the ride when I last went through. The long corridor/waiting area and the Borg Encounter theater looked ghostly in their emptiness.

It wasn't always like that.

Now you have to buy tickets for both rides. You can't just buy for one. And it's forty some dollars (less if you're a Nevada resident) for this. Ouch!! The caveat: you can ride the rides all day. But who really wants to do that?

It wasn't always like that.

The museum pieces are pretty much the same as they were ten yars ago. Spock's robe..the champagne bottle...Nomad...the funky gravity-cum-ski boots...My complaint?

It's always been like that!!

So if they do move this to somewhere else they need to give it an overhaul. Otherwise, it will be missed...but its time has come and gone. I hate to say it...
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