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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

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And Moore said Starbuck was dead.

Boomer is not the finale Cylon, can we move on yet?

Lying about Starbuck is one thing (he wanted to shock us with her "death" and subsequent return), lying about what is supposed to be one of the central mysteries of the show (and presented as something the viewers could reason out or at least guess) is quite another. How lame would it be to present Roslin as the final Cylon after he has said three times in interviews that it's not her?

Anyway, 2 pieces of spoilerish news:
-There is a quite interesting Jamie Bamber interview here:

Not really any spoilers, but it does give some feel about the general direction of S4.5 and what Lee will do in it. Some interesting discussion on the more mythical elements of the show (which Bamber doesn't like all that much, it seems) and on Lee's ambition.

-More news on the final Cylon: the reveal won't take long in S4.5, as expected: "If a few people had their way, the Cylon's identity would've been revealed already," a source told SyFy Portal. "They are pivotal in the final batch of episodes, and we're not going to wait until the end to show you who it is."
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