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Re: The Dark Knight Megathread (USE THIS! Love, the mods)

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Well, he does make a point. Just because someone isn't giving a glowing review of The Dark Knight doesn't indicate any sort of "bias". It's just their personal opinion.

They liked FF more? So what. Doesn't like anything Nolan does? So what? That's their opinion. Reviewers give opinions and that is his. Just because their opinion differs from yours doesn't mean there is any bias of any kind.
Like I said, I have no problem with him disliking Nolan's movies or The Dark Knight. He doesn't just give a negative review. He goes on his forums and basically outright bashes the film. He didn't even post an official review, he immediately went to his forum to start nitpicking the entire film.

And it's been like this since Batman Begins. I can understand him simply saying he doesn't like those efforts, but to continually nitpick and criticize them in my opinion shows bias, especially when you then in return praise a film like Fantastic Four. If he showed that type of critique to any other film or films, I wouldn't be as judgmental, but he doesn't. He only shows this type of love to Nolan's films and especially his Batman movies, which is my main point of contention.
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