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Re: The Dark Knight Megathread (USE THIS! Love, the mods)

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This was the end of the article about this weeks box office on, with thought to next weeks box office;

"As the internet tells us the greatest film in the history of the world opens on Friday, and from all early word it makes Orson Welles look like Tristam Shandy, Howard Hawks look like Shirley Temple, Gregg Toland like Bunny Yeager, and Robert Bresson like Uwe Boll. This fucker is known to cure leukemia, and autism. Perhaps even Aspbergers? That I can not say. Anyway the suction of that film opening should cause the polar ice caps to re-freeze, and it should open to $400 Million easily, and then do $450 the next weekend. It's just that good."

Eh. Is that suppose to be funny? CHUD has been very critical and negative of The Dark Knight for a while. Devin Faraci's review was very loathing. He even hated Batman Begins, but meanwhile praised Fantastic Four. I don't get it. If anyone is biased, it's them.
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