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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS*****

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1) The writing style was fascinating. It almost felt insane at times, as though the writing was intended to be aggressively abstract - not in terms of head-spinning scientific jargon, but in terms of sentence structure, tone, etc. I loved it - the style reflected both the chaos of the region surrounding Titan and the idea that everything is being held together - or suspended - by the thinnest of threads. The prose almost feels like it's tense enough to break, and I wanted to congratulate you, Geoff, on your ability to adapt your voice to your content so well.
I noticed that too (though couldn't have phrased it nearly that well). It comes out even more when you contrast it with Christopher's style just the book before (and after). Christopher's prose is something that unfurls over a swathe of text, like an equation or a flower blooming on one of those fast-motion cameras. It's ideal for the grandness of the subject matter, the scope of his vision; it allows a kind of lofty contemplation between more focused scenes. Redjack's prose, on the other hand, is like standing in front of a firing squad armed with railguns: it comes at you fast, direct, and keeps you in a constant state of stress. Like you said, it too it well suited to the chaos and sense of continuous crisis in the book.

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