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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

Gotta admit, the idea that Boomer is somehow an `abberation' or a `failed Eight' does fit some of the outward evidence:

- D'Anna knew Boomer wasn't in the Fleet (Revelations).
- D'Anna has a pretty good reason to apologise to Boomer (Rapture).
- Athena was in the Last Supper photo, but Boomer wasn't.
- Boomer is still in "shadow," all fearful, emo and bitter.
- Boomer is in serious need of redemption (shooting Adama, threatening Hera).
- Boomer is actually in a position to be redeemed (could she turn on Cavil?).
- She was around for the Olympic Carrier incident, which could be important somehow.
- "By your command."

Still, a few things that don't quite sit right:

- How can the Final Cylon be behind everything, yet not know exactly what it is?
- If Boomer is something other than an Eght, how is it that other Eights can access her memories?
- Boomer has been in either direct or indirect opposition to the Four ever since NC. Isn't that a problem?
- Caprica was a sleeper agent too, and in love even. What makes her any less special?
- There's too much it *doesn't* explain. The loss of the Olympic Carrier, the transmission of D'Annas film, "Adama is a Cylon."

Interesting idea though.
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