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Re: The Dark Knight Megathread (USE THIS! Love, the mods)

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Has that stopped any movie from selling stuff? Hell, even Cloverfield has merchandise.
Cloverfield merchandise was only available through direct retailers, not at mass market(ie Target/Wal-Mart).

It is a type of mixed message.

Hey its PG-13(some reviewers think thats a generous rating) how many 13-17yr old teens you know buy large quantities of "toys"? Not collectors

But in 1991, they made action figures for Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I had some. And I saw said film when I was 7, on rental. Likewise, few years later, I recall they had figures for some Stallone film, either Demolition Man or Judge Dredd. I'm sure there are other examples as well. And those where outright rated R. So figures for a hard PG-13 isn't exactly reaching.
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