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Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

First time in many years. This is how it struck me.

My God, even worse than I remember it. Cheap effects, out of character moments, illogical things that threw you out of the story scattered like pigeon droppings.

Like the worst episodes of TOS, still fun to watch these guys play these characters, and there were character moments enjoyable to watch.

Kirk is NEVER going to at any moment let some religious nut take over his ship. He WILL establish/reestablish control before anything else.

Scotty walking into a wall.

And more. Moments that just had me going WTF?

The thing, the ONLY thing, this movie has going for it are character moments, and mostly those that have nothing to do with the main plot.

But this thing, overall, was a TURD.

Oh, and Spice Williams is hot as a lady Klingon. Call me crazy.
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