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Wow. That's really a diverse and impressive list. 2009 is going to be a very strong year for Trek Lit. How much of my hard-earned money is Pocket going to get from me through '09?

August '08 - TNG: Greater Than the Sum
October '08 - Destiny, book 1
November '08 - Destiny, book 2
December '08 - Destiny, book 3
February '09 - A Singular Destiny
March '09 - TTN: Over a Torrent Sea
July '09 - TNG: Losing the Peace
August '09 - DS9: The Soul Key
September '09 - DS9: The Never-Ending Sacrifice
November '09 - TTN untitled

These are all must-reads for me. And depending on the reviews and reception to Kirsten Beyer's VOY novels, I may actually have to give new VOY novels a chance for the first time in, well, ever!
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