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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

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Welcome! It sounds like you've got the credentials to fit in around here. (Flare forums... is Capps still running the show over there?)

Not sure what to suggest about the violin part for the TMP theme. I've seen piano reductions of the music from that movie, and there may actually be a full score out there somewhere, but it almost sounds like it would be quicker and a better learning experience to do a transcription yourself (I guarantee that by the end of that kind of exercise, you'll know all of the parts... whether you wanted to or not. )

Yep, Sir Charles is still at the helm.

Strangely enough, fooling around with some fiddle tunes earlier today, I did just that, kind of. I popped in the DVD ( not really necessary, as I know the thing vocally by memory), and listened to it a few times. I have only figured out a little of it though, just the first refrain. Chances are I don't have all the right notes, but it sounds close enough. A full score would come in handy if I ever decide to learn to play all the other instruments in the orchestra, and I don't really think my instrumental teacher would approve.
My next missiom: The vocal section of the TOS theme...a bit too high for me though. My choral director is going to love me... Then, on to M*A*S*H!
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