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Re: An Idea For A Game/Project

PlanetMudd, very cool! A unique comic style; I'm really impressed that you cranked it out that fast and still managed to follow right on the heels of my late entry, even to tossing in Nurse O'Malley

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Ptrope, have you tweaked your McCoy? On your webpage, he comes over like his ten year younger brother, here he looks like he is with one foot in the grave (or is that just the different resolution/lighting?). I'd say get his eyes a little less blood-shot and you have basically settled him.
I actually tried to 'young him down' a bit - the lighting highlighted some areas where I had him looking too old, but, yeah, it's mostly the harsh lighting. I'll look at cleaning up his eyes, too
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Spock on the other hand shows how Vulcans age slower than humans. (It is strange how there are several quite good likenesses of Spock around, but I have yet to see some Kirk alter-ego that is halfway passable, although he actually his appearance changes the most between the end of TOS and TMP.)
I like the way Spock looks, but I don't think I did a very good job on making him look like Leonard Nimoy - I didn't really have a lot of time to spend on the morph, and I'll be going back to fix it.
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I can't wait to see something tangible coming from that TAS re-animated project, even a small scene i.e. on the bridge as proof of concept.
You and me both!

Looking forward to Vektor's contribution.

EDIT: When I did my panels, I hadn't read the link upthread about Kirk's mystery tool (hey, stop that giggling! ); I knew I recognized it, but when it turned out not to be one of the various sonic screwdrivers, I decided to be intentionally vague about temporal connections. Glad to see I kept it in the ballpark!
Star Trek: Reanimated - it's more than just a cartoon!

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