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Re: The Official Welcome Thread


I've been here just short of 24 hours... Long time reader, first time poster if you will. Arrived from the boards after being on there for 4 years and not really feeling it I've always felt a bit intimidated by forums, but we'll see how this turns out, eh? Hoping to make some new friends and see how much longer I can get away with doing this on office time

I've been watching Star Trek since I was 6 (it was the late 80s - I was there, it happened!), and been watching ever since, AND I'M NOT SORRY mwah ha hahaaaa! The obsession even decided what degree I was going to do at uni, sadly no jobs at NASA tho (I hear the European Space Agency are recruiting). I seem to be in a minority for actually enjoying Enterprise, despite its flaws (up until TATV) and I'm still in mourning since its cancellation.

I don't have an awful lot going on

[Edit - it took me that long to write this, I've now been here over 24 hours. That's 3600+ minutes of pure awesome. OH YEAH!]
Let's bluesify it by, like, twenty percent...

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