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Re: An Idea For A Game/Project

Wow, that's freakin' brilliant, PM! I love the retro style. And I love the way you've drawn Spock ...

That's beyond awesome.

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I gotta say, though, when this idea was first proposed I thought it sounded like one of those sorta cool ideas that would never go anywhere. Boy was I wrong! This is turning out to be one of the flat-out awesomest things to hit this forum in a long time.
I'm very glad to hear that from you, Vektor. And I have to agree, the quality of the entries so far is beyond everything I would have expected. This is turning out much better than I thought.

ThomastheCat wrote: View Post
Here here! Props to NCC-1701 for getting the ball rolling!
Thanks, Thomas. That's very nice of you.

And again, everyone is still very welcome to join the project. The quality of the entries so far really isn't the benchmark. Every artistic style will be appreciated. (I'm looking at you, Mark!)
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