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Re: An Idea For A Game/Project

Wow! Another two great additions one straight after the other. Great stuff!
PTrope, have you tweaked your McCoy? On your webpage, he comes over like his ten year younger brother, here he looks like he is with one foot in the grave (or is that just the different resolution/lighting?). I'd say get his eyes a little less blood-shot and you have basically settled him.
Spock on the other hand shows how Vulcans age slower than humans. (It is strange how there are several quite good likenesses of Spock around, but I have yet to see some Kirk alter-ego that is halfway passable, although he actually his appearance changes the most between the end of TOS and TMP.)
I can't wait to see something tangible coming from that TAS re-animated project, even a small scene i.e. on the bridge as proof of concept.
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