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Re: Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Grading & Discussion

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I should know better than to trust Roger Ebert, but I read his review and he says that Hellboy himself is mostly CGI. Is this true? I thought one of the best parts of the first film was the fantastic Hellboy makeup. If he's mostly CGI this time, and not Pearlman in a suit,that's a huge disappointment.
I sincerely doubt it. I think poor Roger was just a tad confused.

Definately hoping to see this one sometime over the weekend.

Would also recomend picking up the 3 disk directors cut if you're going to watch the first film. It apparently has a fair amount of extra footage that among other things really fleshes out the villains. No idea exactly where the new footage is inserted, since its the only version of the film I've seen.
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