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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hey there. My name is Sean. I live in Western New York, also known as the land of snow and cold. Except when it's hot. I hate hot.

People say I have cynical and sarcastic outlook on life, not dissimilar to that of a 70 year old drunk man. I have been interested in Star Trek since I was 7, since I am only a month away from 16 now, that would be around 1999, and my favorite series are by far DS9 and Enterprise, although TNG is a pretty close runner up. I would like to go to school to become a high school history teacher. I am a musician, and I am on an ever-lasting quest to find a violin score for the TMP theme song. You'll also find me floating around the Flare Sci-Fi forums on a regular basis. I am looking forward to the new movie, as long as Abrahms doesn't completely screw with established continuity as we know it.
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