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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

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I guess you missed the part where Cavil told D'anna that it was Boomer qua Boomer and not just another Eight.
It is you who needs to pay more attention or misremembers, Peacemaker. At about 12:48 in the episode "The hub", during D'Anna's first scene, the word "Boomer" is used for the first time in that episode. D'Anna: "Boomer's an 8. Shouldn't she be on the other side?". Cavil hasn't used her name, or said anything about her, yet, at this point.

Do you pay attention to what you write? It would mean that Three could discern Boomer from Athena within the same model.
That's trivial, you might as well say that water is wet. It is well-established by now that Cylons, including those of different models (Natalie recognising Boomer in "six of one" is another example), have no problems telling other Cylons apart. And that they couldn't do so in a vision is speculation, so D'Anna could have recognized Boomer in her vision as easily as she does in "The hub", when she sees her in the flesh. After all, we don't know how they do it (we surely can't tell them apart), so who's to say if it also works in a vision?

And this, as so often with you, doesn't touch what I write here about the Final Cylon, when I write it. You may want to pay better attention in the future, as I have a rather extensive paper trail.
That last bit of my previous post here was just a spoiler and a general comment, not aimed specifically at you. I don't even know which candidate you prefer.
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