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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

Says who? She only saw the faces of Athena (on New Caprica) and Boomer on the hub, yet she immediatelly recognized either, and no it's not because of hair styling. Cylons can pick out individuals within models, without fail. It is no stretch at all that D'Anna could do the same in a vision, since we don't even know how the Cylons can identify themselves with such accuracy, despite them being seemingly identical.
I guess you missed the part where Cavil told D'anna that it was Boomer qua Boomer and not just another Eight.

And you're "theory" is self-refuting by the very way you've framed it. Do you pay attention to what you write? It would mean that Three could discern Boomer from Athena within the same model.

But the theory you and other espouse is that the Eight Model and the Final Cylon, eg. Boomer, aredifferent models. How would she be able to tell the difference between the two models if two were visually identical? She saw the faces of the Final Five. If one of those faces is identical to the face of one of the other models, then, pray tell, how could she tell the difference? What changed after her vision so that she could see the difference between Boomer and every other Eight, when all she saw, and dialog has continually affirmed is a set of faces.
Now, you can reframe that theory, but to do so is a tacit admission that the first one is a failure.
There is now info on the 5th:
from Mark Stern, a Sci Fi Channel exec.: the final Cylon reveal will be "organic and satisfying" and not "some day player from season one."
Thanks for the Galactica sitrep blog, for pointing this out.
So, the final Cylon will not be a glorified extra, it will be someone who is or was an integral part of the show.[/quote]

And this, as so often with you, doesn't touch what I write here about the Final Cylon, when I write it. You may want to pay better attention in the future, as I have a rather extensive paper trail.

I've never said that the Final Cylon will be "some glorified extra." If you believe I have, then I tell you what, why don't you enter the archives and provide the relevant quotes for us all to read.
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