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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

Here is a nice write up in TIME magazine online.

The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan's second chapter in his revival of the DC Comics franchise, will hit theaters with all the hoopla and fanboy avidity of the summer season's earlier movies based on comic books. It's the fifth, and three of the first four (Iron Man, Wanted and Hellboy II) have been terrific or just short of it. (The Incredible Hulk: not so hot.) It's been one of the best summers in memory for flat-out blockbuster entertainment, and in the wow category, the Nolan film doesn't disappoint. True to format, it has a crusading hero, a sneering villain in Heath Ledger's Joker, spectacular chases including one with Batman on a stripped-down Batmobile that becomes a motorcycle with monster-truck wheels and lots of stuff blowing up.
I'd argue TIH is better than that and Wanted not worth of carrying Iron Man's boots. They should switch spots but I digress.
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