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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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Can someone explain the Earth Force command structure? Sinclair was a Commander and Sheridan is a Captain. But Sheridan took his marching orders from a General and Sinclair was relieved of command by a Lt. Colonel at one point. Seems like a Lt. Colonel wouldn't even outrank Ivanova but would be of equal rank.

Sinclair and Sheridan were in some Navy-equivalent rank structure (like DS9). However, Ari Benzain, the Generals etc., are on an Army-equivalent rank structure.

a General is equivalent to an Admiral, and an Admiral - even in DS9 - outranks both Commanders and Captains.

As for Ben Zayn, a Colonel outranks a Commander. From what I can tell, Ben Zayn was a Col., not a Lt. Col. So while he could have relieved Sinclair, he could not have relieved Sheridan.

that said, he was Eyes, and they typically have a whole separate command structure that gives them some pretty freaking scary powers. How do I know that? well, The Drumhead of course
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