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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

How can Boomer be the final cylon when she is a Cylon already?
It'd be really complicated... not one of the brightest notions around the internet. But RDM could always surprise us and make that notion work.

Wouter2 wrote: View Post
Why not? How can Tigh be a Cylon when he is a human already, an old, aging, human, at that?
I would say, apples and oranges. Its actually easier to make the jump that Tigh and friends are Cylons then to some how make it work that a Known Cylon with many sisters is also the "Final Five" Cylon. I can accept the Final Five are different in nature some how. Not so easy to work out the logic of Sharon/Boomer's model is somehow not akin to her fellows.

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