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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

I'm going to miss seeing "The Dark Knight" on opening night next weekend because of my recovery from foot surgery. I have no idea when I'll be comfortable to risk going to the theatre...being pysched for "The Dark Knight" since the end of "Batman Begins" when that Joker card was flipped over, still remember hearing all the gasps and shouts of glee when people recognized it was the Joker! Looking forward to seeing Heath's performance as the Joker even despite the hype and high praise reviews he's getting...look I see it this way, if every critict is giving positive reviews over it then it must be something worth seeing right? Also looking forward to seeing Maggie as Rachel, liked Katie Holms in "Dawsons Creek" but her performance was kind of bland and unconvincing to me. As I've said in many other Batman Begins threads I would have perferred to have seen Taila as the love interest/human achor in that movie. Damn...I'll probably have to wait a couple of weeks and do my best to avoid spoilers.
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