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Re: The Dark Knight - Grading & Discussion

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See that there shows the level of reverence already attributed to this.

"If you find something to criticize and you do it, something is wrong with you"

People don't need an excuse if they adequately convey their gripe.
Just having a gripe or two doesn't mean that individual still doesn't find the piece as a whole enjoyable.

Its like TDK is the Obama of the cinema world.
Don't you dare talk bad about it.
Whoa, that's going to happen but don't attribute it to me. My point was exactly as you said, "People don't need an excuse if they adequately convey their gripe." Any discussion about the movie is going to instantly become irritating the moment people start bringing the hype in as some sort of 'reason' for their opinion. For either side of the argument, which doesn't need to be an argument in the first place. I hate that kind of fanboy entrenchment.
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