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Re: Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Grading & Discussion

I voted Excellent in lieu of letter grades due to poll options.
My letter grade would be A-

This is a really good movie. I enjoyed it much more than the first. Del Torro really has chosen projects that allow him to fully realize the things he is good at as director. His resume and experienc since the first Hellboy have added to make this installment that much richer.

The movie starts with a flashback scene to 1955 where a young Hellboy still being raised by John Hurts fatherly Trevor character and is recounting the story of The Golden Army as a bed time story. This of course does a few things. Allows Hurt to be in the movie cause he was critical in the first, sets up what the golden army is and shows us Hellboy as a child with all the trappings of any child.

We move to the present where an auction is being held. Up for bid is a piece of the royal crown. The exiled prince needs all 3 pieces of the crown to activate the Golden Army. His father had broken up the crown which controlled the mechanical army after a truce with the humans hundreds of years ago.

He needs his fathers piece and his twin sisters piece so he sets off to obtain them. Meanwhile the auction raid has set the B.P.R.D. on the trail of what exactly may be happening. In order to follow their clues and confirm their suspicions they seek out the mystically hidden, nearly mythical Troll market.

Events unspool from there and we learn that they have to go to Ireland because that his where they mystical portal is that grants access to The Golden Army.

I'm omitting some elements but want to save the finale from you in my review. I really liked the final fight between Hellboy and the Prince. The setting and sequence were a real thrill to watch. I will say that I think the one thing keeping me from making this movie on par with Iron Man, which I gave an A grade, is that the full threat promised of the Golden Army never is really explored as a threat to mankind. We get glimpses in that final act but i think had something happened to make The Golden Army a bigger threat to mankind it would've been that much better. Although before Hellboy fights the Prince he and his B.P.R.D. comrades have a good fight with the golden army and the armies power is evident.

There is also a spoiler about Liz that is worth saving for the film. But if you got to know I will code this.

A great comedy scene that is timed perfectly admist the chaos in the movie comes about mid point of the film. Two Words: Barry Manilow!

This is a good movie and deserves to not get lost in the shuffle after The Dark Knight hits. Check it out!
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