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Something to ponder: The Dark Knight isn't all that much about Batman

Over at Newsarama, there's a review which points out that TDK is an amazing movie, and that while Ledger's performance is the work of genius we've all heard it is, the one thing the movie seems to lack is a focus on The Batman himself.

The author then points out that the previous Batfilm series paid less attention to the titular character and focused on the villains entirely too much.

I agree, which is why I can't re-watch any of those films, not even Burton's first film.

I never considered that TDK might have this problem, but after reading this review, it makes me a little concerned. After all, who took center stage in all the hype over the last two years? Leger's at the time unusual casting and how The Joker would be portrayed.

The next "big deal" was Eckhart's Dent and whether or not he'd become Two-Face, and then how Two-Face would be portrayed.

Outside of bashing the new Batsuit, it doesn't seem that many folks give two shits about The Batman himself.

He is the star of these films, and while a great hero is defined in some part by his villains, I find it odd that more folks don't care about The Batman.

That's the reason I'm going see this film. Not because of Ledger's last performance, not because I think the Joker's a great character because he's a twisted fuck, not because I want to see the Batpod or the new suit.

I want to see a good movie with The Batman, one of the greatest characters in modern fiction, as the focal point and center.

The last two movies that did this were Mask of the Phantasm and Batman Begins.

Will The Dark Knight be remembered as such?

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