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Re: Dark Horizons review of The Dark Knight - by Garth

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Possible spoilers at link. SPOILERS...maybe....SPOILERS...maybe...SPOILERS

Dark Horizons review by site creator Garth Franklin

He gives a very glowing review. He does state that while Maggie is an improvement over Katie that this angle in the film is still the weakest part of the story.

As a testament to how dark, gritty and rough this movie is going to be I found this last paragraph of his interesting.
Those looking for the kid-safe thrills of the Marvel films need to look elsewhere, 'Knight' takes the more serious minded tone of the early scenes of "Batman Begins" and runs with it into dark and complex territory rarely seen these days in cinema let alone in Summer blockbusters. It demands intelligence, maturity and attention, but as a reward delivers a film that will justifably sit high on many Top Ten lists at the end of the year. Certainly as major studio releases go it rarely gets better in quality than this.
This time next week, i will be enjoying this film in all its wonderful glory. My expectations are sky high at the moment, I hope i wont be let down.
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