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Re: WOW!

Summoning Light is a major step down from Casting Shadows. A big problem is the endless internal monologuing done by Galen and Elric. They don't have each other to play off of, and Galen needs someone as interesting as Isabelle with him to make his scenes work. I was most intrigued to see the events of "The Coming of Shadows" from the techno-mage perspective.

I actually gave up on Invoking Darkness after about three chapters. I know the endpoints already for characters like Kosh, Anna, and Morden, and I don't care about Galen, Elizar, or the other mages enough to read through the whole book. I skimmed through the pages and gleaned that the events of "Z'ha'dum" are greatly expanded upon, and there was more going on than we knew about. That kind of story can be cool, but a decent protagonist is a must, and Galen just does not qualify.

My next B5 novels will be the Centauri trilogy. I love Peter David's work in the B5 and Trek universes, and I have high hopes that these books will be more than satisfactory.

By the way, I've been thinking about the assertion that the Shadow's actual name for themselves is 10,000 letters long. That is just insanely long. The longest English word is probably in the range of 200-300 letters, and the longest word in common use is much shorter. Other languages do have longer words on average, but it is human nature to keep a little bit of practicality. What possible reason is there for the name to be of such great length? Is there an internal abbreviation that they use for everyday conversation?

It's ironic that the forces of order (Vorlons) would have such a short name, and the forces of chaos (Shadows) would have a name that takes such discipline to say.
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