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Re: Official Smallville Season Eight Spoiler Thread

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I also read that the Doomsday "regular guy" character is not going to be a bartender anymore but a paramedic.

I read that too, and I find myself wondering just how a regular looking guy is going to be passed off as 'Doomsday'?

I think the Smallville take on Doomsday is going to be like the Hulk. The dude will get angry and then "Hulk out".

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Seeing Doomsday on this show is a bad sign in the first place.
So was having Lois on the show. I usually don't nitpick about things that are supposed to be cannon but, having Clark meet her, while still in Smallville, before he becomes Superman was something that always bothered me.
Well, I didn't mind it when it was a 4 episode guest shot. But when she became a regular and all she did was to be there for comic relief and add nothing to the show, that's when I started to get irritated with it.
I really didn't mind her showing up or becoming a regular. The show has always really been a reimagining so it could do nearly anything. It doesn't have to follow canon. And when we're talking Superman there's like a half dozen or so versions of canon.
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