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Re: 'Star Trek The Tour' Is Now 'Star Trek The Exhibition'

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I had the opportunity to go on opening day and it was absolutely great!
I went to the Tour in Long Beach, CA. I went on a week day so it wasn't too crowded to enjoy.
You didn't mention simulators. I went on both rides, the 2 seater and the shuttle.
I liked the smaller ride the best.
Is there a difference between the 2 rides other then the number of seats?
And is it true they separated the Tour into 2 different exhibitions to tour in 2 different cities simultaneously?
Went to the exhibition over the weekend and liked it. There is a difference in the rides. The twoseater is full 360 but it only runs Flight Sim 2004, fun though. The other ride is like Star Tours. Best way to do it is to go where you have the entire row to yourself and slide as it moves.

It is cool to go check out, especially if you are in San Diego for comic-con since Paramount wont be there!
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