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Re: Official Smallville Season Eight Spoiler Thread

This is more speculation than spoilers, but with MR, KK and LV officially out of the cast, I've been wondering who's going to top billing behind Welling.

Now I know you all are going to say that I'm biased, but after seven seasons and being the only other person than Welling to be with the show since the beginning, Allison Mack should get second banana, followed by Justin Hartley, Durance, Sam Witwer (Doomsday), Cassidy Freeman (Tess) and finally Ashmore.

But knowing CW, they'll want to push the new faces in addition to promoting the fact that this is going to be The Really New Adventures of Lois & Clark, so the cast list will probably go like this:

Tom Welling
Erica Durance
Justin Hartley
Sam Witwer
Cassiday Freeman
Allison Mack
Aaron Ashmore

Just a guess. I'd love to be wrong when September rolls around.

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