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Re: Question about Dark Knight and IMAX

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A movie doesn't have to be shot in IMAX (I believe TDK is the first to have done so) to be shown in IMAX. All the shots will fill the screen, just the ones shot in IMAX will have a great deal more detail and resolution.
I was afraid of that. I don't really want to see the rest of the movie cropped to fit a TV-shaped screen.....

Still, I can always check this out on IMAX after I've seen it once in a normal theater in widescreen.
The non-IMAX portions will NOT be cropped during the IMAX presentation. They will simply be shown at different aspect ratios. The non-IMAX scenes, when presented on IMAX, will be blown up to fit the screen, but not distorted or cropped.

The only version that will be cropped is the normal, theatrical version, and only during the IMAX-filmed sequences. However, these scenes were shot with both the IMAX and theatrical versions in mind, so nothing truly "important" will be cropped for the non-IMAX versions of the IMAX scenes - Chris Nolan made sure of that. Still, there is less to the image, so you might as well see it in IMAX if possible. There's literally no reason you shouldn't (again, nothing gets cropped from the theatrical version) - unless you're worried about the slightly higher ticket prices.
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