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Re: Weddle and Thompson Join 'CSI'

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Maybe, but CSI's characters are actually relatively interesting, when compared with the other CSI spinoffs.

I always thought the characters were that show's strength. I can't even watch any of the others.

Anyhow, its good news. Maybe I will have to start watching CSI again. I got thoroughly tired of it over the years. My wife still watches it, I just don't always bother to watch it with her anymore.
I was a CSI fanatic for about six months. I used to watch it all the time on Spike. Now, however, I can't even tolerate it. The characters are flat, and the "science" on that show is so far out now that it may as well be science fiction.

That, and I really, really wish that they would turn on a light every now and then.

A comparable show that is about a million times better is NCIS. It has much better characters, and doesn't take itself nearly as serious. It's just a fun show.
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