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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

GH:WT would have to be unbelievable for me to go that route. We really prefer Rock Band. It's just more fun. No distracting skulls flowing down the fret chart, easier to read the charts, WAY more songs, etc. We love our DLC and have over 160 songs now. By the time RB2 comes out, our library will be approaching 300 songs or more. The variety makes it a lot more fun to play with a bunch of different people, and we're not nearly as sick of the original disc songs as the average person I play with online.

As for the Strat working with GH:A, it absolutely does. No ifs ands or buts about it. Works 100%. Hell, works BETTER than the Les Paul for me, as I can call up overdrive much easier than with the LP.

Can't wait for The Who pack next week.
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