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Re: Abrams On 'Star Trek' Reboot

Another day, another vaguely worded press release telling everyone what they want to hear. (Well except for those who approve of nothing, ever. )

I'm wondering how similar this is going to be to what RDM did with BSG.
Not very, I hope. The original BSG had very little worth salvaging, but TOS has plenty going for it. If Abrams goes back to TOS and rebuilds from there - a somewhat different direction than the one TNG went with - that would be fine, but since TNG was an acceptable extension of Star Trek, I can't see why Abrams' "line" would be starkly different from TNG. Less sanitized and snoozy than TNG, but still strongly reminiscent of all the spinoff series. Star Trek really doesn't give anyone that much latitude for interpretation.

My quatloos are on this: even if Abrams doesn't intend to use DS9 as a model, even if he's never seen DS9, we will end up with a Star Trek extension that will remind people of DS9 and a lot of people will think it's intentional. This is because DS9 is the way to re-create Star Trek in a way that is more to the taste of modern audiences, and since that's Abrams' goal, that is what we will get.
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