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Re: Abrams On 'Star Trek' Reboot

I'm sorry to say that this is officially the death of Star Trek and I don't honestly think that it'll be reborn this time at least for a while. Star Trek isn't going to appeal to anyone but die hard fans and maybe some sci-fi or Abrams fans. It isn't going to appeal to the average teenager on a friday night date night or anything of that sort. Trek is not looked favorably upon by the target demographic of the film (teens and young adults) and seeing these films is considered geeky. Case in point when I was in High School a friend and I went to see Nemesis in the theatre. I don't particularly care about popularity contests but he was incredibly popular and was the Quarterback of our football team. When Nemesis was over we were leaving the theatre and a group of kids from our school spotted us coming out of the theatre after seeing it. Within two hours he went from most popular to one of the least popular in our school and was labelled a geek. Media supports the geeky stereotype in shows like Family Guy and American Dad where the parents are portrayed as being Trek fans (Peter Griffin says Star Trek is his favorite show; Stan Smith says he likes all Treks but DS9) but are critical of their children for having an interest in the show (Stan Smith is best for this is relation to his son's character Steve). Things like this have me a little worried for the success of the new film and any new series since they are gearing it more for general audiences than fans (he can say it'll appeal to Trek fans but he basically just said it's geared more toward movie fans). Plus the price tag of the film gives me concern because they'll need a lot of ticket sales to recover what they spent.

So in short farewell Trek, you were fun while you lasted but it's time to say adieu. I look forward to meeting the next reboot.
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