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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

If those spoilers are from a poster named CongoRed, they're probably true. Congo's threads kept getting deleted over there because they revealed too much, but I noticed he/she was ALWAYS right. Sort of a Morpheus type for the skiffy boards.

FrankenStarbuck? You know, if this person isn't really Starbuck that's pretty creepy that she's being treated as such by the narrative. I hope that's not the case--a clone is NOT the same person. I hated that potential idea in Enterprise episode, "Similitude," and I hate it now. It just devalues a person. You can't exchange one for the other even if it's Kara, who's not my favorite character. If she is a clone, let it be acknowledged by the narrative that she isn't the same person. I hope she's not a clone.

Dee...Darth Vader? Much as I like Dee, that idea intrigues me. What could fine, upstanding Dee do that she'd be likened to Darth Vader?

More Lee and Kara shipping? I will *not* curse.....I will not bitch and moan...... Hopefully the bit about her destiny not being shipping is accurate. Just leave the romantic nonsense between these two alone, RDM. Please.

Cavil playing a big part works for me. So does the old man kicking ass.

Baltar is the man. Did his little speech to the centurian about the dog treats spark an insurrection of metallic cylon against organic cylon? That would be his style.

"My God...what have I done?"
"What you had to do...."

Sounds like another great father/son moment to me.

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