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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

Some possible spoilers for S4.5, but beware as reliability is uncertain:

On this scifi thread ( ), mostly on the first couple of pages, there are some very interesting hints and tidbits about season 4.5. Or at least, from someone who claims to have spoken with a friend involved in the BSG production. I'm not certain if this person can be trusted - apparently he opened spoiler threads about "Revelations" before it was broadcasted, which got deleted by the scifi admins. So he claims at least, and I haven't seen anyone calling him upon that in the thread so I suppose he really did that (I not on scifi often enough to know this for sure myself).

Anyway, if it can be trusted (besides the person who posted the news being trustworthy, his source also has to be considered as RDM claimed they may put out foilers) than there are some interesting things:

"They will get to Earth, but this planet (New Terra if you like, although I wasn't actually given a name for the planet) is another stepping stone, like Kobol and the Algae planet. If I'm remembering correctly, they find the Temple ruins, uncover that the 13th tribe or what have you stopped off there, were wiped out, some fled and eventually got to Earth." (this was posted on page 7 of the thread, standard settings)
So, it would appear that the planet found in "Revelations" may not be Earth, or not our Earth at least (there is a whole shitload of discussion on scifi about this, some suggesting that the 13th tribe did call it Earth but after it was nuked they may have settled on nearby "New Earth", which could be our Earth...
He also writes: "Not Earth, it's [COLOR=#ffffff]another sign post, like Algae planet and Kobol"[/COLOR]

He gives some rather vague hints about some other things:
-"We have no choice, General Calrissian, our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!" A quote from Return of the Jedi, when the rebel fleet closes in on the superior Imperial fleet as alternative to just getting blasted from standoff distance by the death star. Probably a reference to the big battle at the final episode

-"FrankenStarbuck?" Points to Starbuck being a clone of some kind. He later also writes "she's very central to what's coming in the story and There's More Than Meets The Eye with her.. Even saying this little I've probably said to much." (more than meets the eye is a transformers reference) He also writes: "Earlier "rumors" are true = [COLOR=#ffffff]she finds her Viper and body, her and Leoban commit a cover-up and torch the works. [/COLOR]."
Don't like it, her Viper being on what-they-call-Earth is as miraculous as the intact one that she showed up in.

-"Baltar is the man..." No idea here, but he also writes: "Baltar plays a very important role, but just remember [COLOR=#ffffff]noone is safe in the BSG universe[/COLOR]."

-"Nicky and Hera" Likewise, no idea

-"Cavemen" Ties in with one the calls for extras in the finale, probably. May be what they will find on "new Earth" or perhaps survivors on "old Earth" (if that theory is correct)?

-"The Old Man Kicks ***." Not anything new

-"Romo!?" I don't have a clue, again. We know he will be back for one more episode.

-"Cavil Not Scared!" Does anybody get this reference (which I suppose is from some known movie or TV series)? Anyway, it indicates Cavil will play a quite major role, as is to be expected

- "My God.. what have I done?" "What you had to do, what you always do. Turn death into a fighting chance to live."
This is a reference to STIII, when Kirk and co are watching the original Enterprise burn up in the atmosphere after they set the selfdestruct. I guess it's not looking good for Galactica !?

Also about the final battle: "Epic Battle, very much so, biggest of the series and quite possibly biggest ever in a Sci Fi show, I was told, "Think the final battle between the Alliance and the Empire in ROTJ." "Epic space battle, huge, think Return of the Jedi.. Star Destroyers, Republic cruisers, thousands of Tie Fighters, hundreds of X Wings.. just massive and intense."

Just who is going to participate in that battle on the RTF's side? A possible "new Earth" fleet, a bunch of rebel baseships that were overlooked so far or a part of Cavil's faction breaks off from the rest? I guess Galactica and one half-destroyed baseship alone won't cut it in a battle of ROTJ proportions.
About Lee and Kara: "there is more Lee and Kara shipping, but Kara's destiny isn't to be a shipper.. there are bigger lights in the heavens for her future. Her story was a big surprise to me, definitely didn't see it coming."

About Kara and "Slick", the pianoplayer: "The Piano Man, indeed very important to Starbuck.. Theories I've seen posted are pretty spot on relating to their relationship.. we met her mother and saw that side of the story"

About Dee: "Dee.. I really want to spill the beans here, but I'm going to refrain because you will not want to ruin the surprises in store here. She's been MIA for most of 4.0, but not so for 4.5. We get her history some, but there's some Darth Vader in there."

Some general comments from him - keep in mind he hasn't actually seen anything though, only been told about it: "RDM has performed incredibly. Everything that we've griped about, loose ends of significance are tied up. Head people, FrankenStarbuck, The Fifth, The Final Five, Earth, there's more I'm trying to remember, but those are the big points I was told were tied up and in some of the cases how."

He also notes a few things he was not told about, including who the final Cylon is:
"I can say a few things I don't know..
1- The Fifth/Final Cylon.
2- minor to medium level details, like do Kara and Sam knock boots again..?
3- Doc Cottle, I forgot to ask, and I'd really like to know what's up with him
4- Tom Zarek, I know his fate, but no details"

I wonder if this is true. Hopefully we will get some secondary sources soon to either confirm or reject some of it, so we can get an idea how trustworthy it is.
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