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Re: 'Star Trek The Tour' Is Now 'Star Trek The Exhibition'

I had the opportunity to go on opening day and it was absolutely great! They even had a number of Klingons roaming around. Some poor guy made the mistake of calling one of them a Vulcan and boy, he received an ear full. It was hilarious!

The Exhibition was very well put together and had a really good flow to it. I was amazed at how well it fit into the SD Air and Space Museum. They did an absolutely amazing job and having real historic aircraft and spacecraft surrounding the Exhibition was awesome!

When you first walk in, you are greeted by a huge rotating NCC-1701-A and then make your way right onto the Original Enterprise Bridge. This was one my favorite parts of the Exhibition. You get to walk around anywhere and touch everything. Also you can sit in any of the positions on the Bridge which makes for a great photo op!

Later on, you make your way on board the 1701-D and walk through an authentic corridor and view crew quarters!

They also did a great job with their transporter room. You can get on to the pad where a technician will beam you out and back in and add the special effects to huge LCD screens in the room.

The entire Exhibition has an amazing array of props, costumes, and interactive attractions.

I definitely recommend that you go if you can make it!
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