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Re: Stargate Continuum - Grading and Discussion

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I have to wonder where the drama is in a story like that.
I suppose the drama is in the personal decisions they have to make... Change the time line to get back to what they know, but ruin all the good that has come of it, or live with it and never have had the outcome of certain events in your own time line.
But there's no real conflict there if the parallel universe is in someway better than the one you came from threre's no real story there.
Personally I think there's plenty of room for conflict, from the characters emotional state, the conflict between wanting to stay in a better place, but if that came at the price of something bad happening, say the whole Jaffa race being extinct.

What if Jackson wasn't the one to solve it, but did prove his theory, and outed the stargate program unknowingly?

What if Jonas helped them find something that caused them to defeat the Goa'uld earlier, and they never ran in to the Ori?

What if they met the Furlings instead of the Asgard, and progressed faster because of it?
Yeah let's just throw out ten years of continuity, nobody'd complain about right?
I'm not saying they should have done that in Continuum, or suggesting it should be done at all, just it'd be interesting to see.
Although, I think it could be done, and work but it would take a lot of planning.
That would mean undermining everything they just spent the last ten years building in the first place.
Because you don't necessarily need to throw everything out, and if you have people who remember what's changed, or have what exactly changed be revealed over time, you could have a real meaningful change, without having to lose everything that was built up over the years.
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