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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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I thought that was season two, with Sheridan's voice over that changed once Boxleitner could see the computer graphics while recording the voice. That said, I'm not sure that's on the DVD--I've only seen the change noted on youtube clips.

Where's Jan when you need her. They don't call her insane (in a good way) for nothing.
I'm not Jan, but it was with Sheridan's narration and not Sinclair's. The first narration was a bit flat, because Boxleitner didn't have the visuals when he recorded it. They redid a few episodes down the line. In one of the commentary's Boxleitner makes the comment that when he recorded it, someone said that the other guy (O'Hare) did it better. To me, I have to agree but not as a slight against Boxleitner. O'Hare just has a deeper voice than Bruce.
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