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Re: Stargate Continuum - Grading and Discussion

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I don't think there was anything in particular wrong with it, but I also didn't think there was anything particularly great about it.

I guess it didn't have a big enough budget, or something. It's a movie, so why no real epic battles? I think we've seen bigger battles on the TV show. I know there was a lot of ships, but what exactly did they do, besides sit there?
Overall I think I have to agree with firehawk, there's too much missed opportunity in there, that makes you think of what could have been. Like it'd have been nice to see the alternate Jackson actually being encouraged, or at least feeling stalked, by our Jackson. Or people getting attached to people in this new time line, and making it more difficult to erase it.
I don't know, I think the writers are getting a bit full of themselves, in the same way the Trek writers did, and thinking the fans will buy anything they sell.
I'm not really a harsh critic of them or the show, but nearly everything in the last year or two has felt really lackluster.
The fundamental problem with time travel episodes in a TV show is that the alternate reality is almost always worse than the "real" reality, which means the characters have absolutely no incentive to NOT revert back to their original timeline.
Imagine if things were actually BETTER. What would SG-1 (or any random Trek crew or whomever) do then?
Hell, if they brought back Frasier and then Sam and Daniel were forced to acknowledge that restoring their timeline would basically mean killing her, the whole "consequences" thing could have at least been played up more.
Instead, we get Daniel telling off the President. Yes, we know you're right Daniel... and that's the problem.
I not holding that against it, given that it's the general conceit you get with pretty much all these stories. But given they have told pretty much the same story a couple of times now, and they've got 10 years worth of continuity to play with, couldn't they at least change something that gives them an alternative alternative story? Rather than just "We did something different early on, and now we're gonna get wiped out."

What if Jackson wasn't the one to solve it, but did prove his theory, and outed the stargate program unknowingly?

What if Jonas helped them find something that caused them to defeat the Goa'uld earlier, and they never ran in to the Ori?

What if they met the Furlings instead of the Asgard, and progressed faster because of it?

Or even, what if they accidently changed the timeline for their better, but someone else came by and told them it needed to change back? Do the story from the opposite perspective, with the other guy winning and changing the timeline, and just don't even try to explain it in Atlantis, just one week, all of a sudden everything is ever so slightly different.
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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