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Re: Stargate Continuum - Grading and Discussion

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And no, this wasn't Moebius either.
I was being snarky as I watched the episode.
Honestly though, I always hated time travel stories because they are fairly pointless. They almost never have any REAL consequences (other than fishes in a pond, I suppose) and serve as little more than a tired SF cliche. They only work in movies because, well, a movie is a self contained story without continuity. Alternatively, they can serve as a premise for a brand new story based around the alternate timeline (a space man drops a laptop in the 20th century in Germany... let's do a series of stories where the Germans rule the world).

But never, never, never do they work on an established television show because you know right at the end, none of it will have mattered. Hell, this time there wasn't even a small 'gimme' at the end. At least in Moebius, they used the whole thing as a plot device to conveniently introduce another ZPM into the universe.

So, let's ignore the concept for the moment. As for the show itself, it was ultimately bloated with that tired science fiction exposition that I wish writers would get over. Landry's tirade about changing the timeline would have carried much more weight if there were actually more stakes. Imagine if Baal was not conveniently killed and given the opportunity to peacefully take over Earth. Would the President have authorized SG-1's plan to attack the Goa'uld then? Well, it doens't matter because that ethical quandry isn't addressed.

I swear, they should have just went the cheap route and made that woman that Mitchell talks to his wife instead of his neighbour, so that at least he would have had to consider the consequences of erasing his relationship with that woman (and perhaps his son). At least there would have been more impact, and more importantly, made Landry's speech more than just a tired, simple SF cliche.

I'm really mixed about this. On the one hand, I genuinely do miss SG1. On the other hand, they keep producing very, very poor scripts that feel like they were picked out of Gene Roddenberry's (or maybe George Lucas') trash bin.

Hell, they didn't even do the fanservice found in Moebius. For an expanded budget, all they could bring back were the Goa'uld System Lords? No Frasier? Bra'tac? Kawalsky (thanks daeana )? Instead we get glamour shots of the Arctic? Great.

I'm going to buy this if only because I want to have a complete SG-1 collection and I actually don't mind this model of production and distribution. If Whedon went this route with Serenity, we'd probably be on the 6th DVD by now.

Still, I can't help but think of this as a squandered opporunity for the SG franchise... and I'm in the stupid position of WANTING more SG-1 movies, but also realizing that in all likelihood, they will be as conservatively written as Continuum. So yeah, mixed feelings.

Oh, I shouldn't admit this, but there's a small part of me that believes that the alternate SG-1 from Moebius came back to Earth to pick up alternate Cam to have some fun adventures.
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