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Re: Farscape reference in Demons of Air?

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I recall an author mentioning a young girl gifting a small red object to get people to take them away in their ship was a Kaylee strawberry ref I never would've gotten on my own. Forgot which one, but I think it's SCE.
You're thinking of the annotations I did for SCE: Out of the Cocoon, though what I actually wrote was, "Any similarity to any other spaceship passengers offering to pay for passage off-planet with a box of strawberry-ish objects is purely coincidental."

The similarity between the scene I had written (before specifying the data discs were "strawberry red") to the Kaylee-Book scene in "Serenity" seemed pretty blatant to me at the time -- probably because I had just received the Firefly DVD set the Christmas before. Three years later, maybe not quite so much.
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