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Re: Stargate Continuum - Grading and Discussion

Just finished watching it, and... well, meh.

It was definitely a fun romp, cool to see all the System Lords again, the effects were a little patchy in some spots, amazing in others, Jack's presence amounted to sweet FA, and the ending was clearly rushed - and once again the SG crew are Aces at missed opportunities.

Did anyone else get really pissed when Vala/Qetesh betrayed Baal? Dammit! I wanted to see how his plan to take over the Earth would have worked! Him calling President Hayes on that cellphone was classic!

But, sadly, after that it degenerated into standard "Bwahahaha, wipe them out!" villain plan.

Oh, and when SG1 sees Hammond again: Very bittersweet. There's almost something there, almost like Desmond Llewellyn's last scene in The World Is Not Enough, but obviously not as poetic or thought out. Shame.
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