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Re: Moore On 'Star Trek' Films

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Also, I agree with the comments about First Contact and the Borg elements. They should have "retconned" the producers and writers. But I don't want to get on another anti-B&B rant (yet again).

I liked the Zephram Cockrane elements in First Contact except for him being a drunk. Drunks don't design warp engines.
I would have been happy with the whole story, but Picard != Ahab, and that's the part I hate about the movie is the complete disregard for his character's progression.
It's not a disregard for his progression. Human psychology is not a linear thing; it twists and it turns and people can be tempted into being less than they normally are. I love First Contact because it acknowledges that even a good man like Picard is not perfect and can slip and need help... and because Picard, at the end of the day, does come to his senses.

I think that that message -- we're not perfect, we slip, but we still get back on the horse and keep going the way we ought to at the end of the day -- is far more inspirational than a story where Picard is perfect and doesn't fall.
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