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Re: An Idea For A Game/Project

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Oh gods, ThomastheCat, you really did it! First, I wasn't expecting this to follow so fast.
Thanks! I had the layout and script in my head all day at work so I figured I should go ahead and just get it made while I had the chance.

Second, I didn't expect this to be so good! Really, I love everything about it. It's outstanding! Not only the drawings, but also the text.
Thanks again! Playing with these characters is fun.

Oh, and is this prop what I think it is? I'm curious how this figures into the story ...
If this is what you're thinking, then you're right! I have a few ideas on what might be going on, but it's up to Ptrope to decide if continuity is rearing its head or it's just a clever re-purposing of an old prop.
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