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Re: Hancock - Grading & Discussion

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I just got back from it. I thought it was pretty average. The biggest problem with the film comes with the complete tonal shift halfway through. It starts out as a comedy (and a pretty funny one at that) then turns serious really fast. I didn't like the shift. The second half of the movie felt very slow, and confusing. I wanted to laugh. It wouldn't let me. I really wish they had continued from the "asshole superhero improving his image" storyline. It could have been a hilarious superhero parody. The second storyline just dragged it down.
I really enjoyed the movie, and while I totally agree that the tone shifted halfway though, it completely surprised me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The comedic movie I expected had quite the drama to it, and it was great to actually have some meat to it and not just popcorn fluff. I'm SO glad though that I did not know anything about Charlize Theron`s character, and loved it. And mmmmm she looked great, too!
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