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Re: Farscape reference in Demons of Air?

^ I think Dayton's What? is just his "surprise" at our shock to his turning Who technobabble into something erotic.

is Firefly why there's a Klingon with a fetish for St'aw'berRies?

the first time i read "Eleven Hours Out" i missed it, but the second time i noticed the U.S.S. Columbia's crew are all named for the crew of the shuttle Columbia.
Don't know about the Klingon's love for them, but I recall an author mentioning a young girl gifting a small red object to get people to take them away in their ship was a Kaylee strawberry ref I never would've gotten on my own. Forgot which one, but I think it's SCE.

I noticed Columbia because of the name McCool, which caused me to remember, look him up and realize they all were.
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