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Star Trek: Phoenix

[Seattle, WA) Bolding stepping into the final frontier of “Star Trek’ internet fan films, Temporal Studios is warping a new series to fans worldwide. Star Trek: Phoenix will take fans back to the roots of Star Trek as created by Gene Roddenberry and will focus on exploration, adventure, and first contact in the Alpha Quadrant.

The series is set in a time period of 42 years into the future following the events in the film “Star Trek: Nemesis”. The pilot episode titled “Clandestine Rendezvous”, is currently entering pre-production and is tentatively slated for release on January 1, 2009. “Clandestine Rendezvous” is penned and will be directed by Executive Producer Leo Roberts. Casting for the series will be held this fall and filming is tentatively scheduled for sometime in November.

For more information, please visit the series website at:
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