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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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What's even more puzzling is that he retired primarily because he was afraid that he'd run out of original things to say, and was now just "talking because the silence when [he] stops is just too spooky." The he unretires, and what does he do? Go back to writing exactly the same types of novels with exactly the same sets of concerns and conceits that he'd always been doing!
Yes, exactly; it's a bit cynical of him to charge for reruns-- like I said, he doesn't exactly need the money.

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
but there's also less classifiable work like Hearts in Atlantis, From a Buick 8, the end of The Dark Tower, and some of the more literary stories in Everything's Eventual. Like any writer he reuses some motifs and themes, but there's plenty of variation within them too. At any rate, I think he writes what he wants to write, and if he produces a lot of standard fare that's because he believes in that kind of story.
I guess, but he has proven that he's equally adept at writing other genres. It's funny that you mention From A Buick 8, because I believe he mentioned that book's similarity to Christine as an example of why he wanted to retire. I do own Everything's Eventual, though; maybe I'll dig it out and take a look-- anyway, like I said, I've always found him to be superior at writing short stories.

M'Sharak wrote: View Post
Not Shadowland or Floating Dragon, apparently.
I think one was probably Floating Dragon; I was hanging out in Connecticut a lot in those days, and I think I remember that connection. The other was The Talisman, which I don't think I even finished.

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
Houdini: The Movie Star. This set is great if you're a bit of a Houdini buff, like me. It's got all of the films in which Houdini starred, from 1919 to 1923, including the serial The Master Mystery. It's packed with additional bits, like some of his filmed escapes, and the only known audio recording of his voice, from a wax Edison cylinder. (The same clip heard here.) It's just a great little set from KINO.

Icons of Adventure Collection. Ignore the crappy cover art, this is is a great two-disc collection of four of Hammer's adventure films. All four movies look pretty good, and you've got three of them with Christopher Lee, but it's actually The Stranglers of Bombay that had me most excited about this set. These are very rare films, so it's great to see such beautiful transfers. And if you don't want to see Christopher Lee playing a pirate, odds are I just won't like you very much as a person.
Wow, those are two nice finds, especially the Houdini DVD; I love that cool old stuff.
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